Change your thoughts...
Change your thoughts...
Change your life!
Short three-hour workshops on specific topics that, when taken over time, add up to a major learning opportunity!

Understanding Values Masterclass
Once you understand how your values and beliefs run your life, you can also understand how other people think and act. Awareness also gives you an opportunity to release old
beliefs that no longer serve you and perhaps re-order your values in a powerful affirmation of your life's goals.

Six Human Needs Masterclass
This paradigm for understanding yourself and others is based on Anthony Robbin's work in Six Human Needs Psychology. What are your needs? How are you fulfilling them? If you only do one masterclass - do this one. 

Power of Questions Masterclass
What questions do you use everyday? Do they move you forward or hold you back? Are they questions of possibility or questions that feed a negative feedback loop? This class will change your life.

Rapport Building Masterclass
How important is knowing how to build rapport? Have you ever met someone and felt almost instantly that you really knew them like a long lost friend? That person had amazing rapport building skills. Whether they were selling you a dress or teaching you maths, because of the rapport they built with you you were open to their ideas. How great would it be to have that kind of rapport building skills in your life? 

Conscious Creation Masterclass
If you think you know everything there is to know about goal setting, I'd like to challenge you on that. We are all creating our lives everyday - my question to you is... Do you love your creation, or would you like to make some changes? This class will give you new ways to powerfully direct your life.

Negotiation Masterclass
How to create agreement in the face of no agreement - and have everyone come out smiling. When are you negotiating?    Every single day! Learn the secrets to being more effective. 
Networking Masterclass
Make the most of the networking opportunities that come your way - and leave a wonderful lasting impression. You will even get to enjoy these events! EVERYONE in business or in sales should attend this Masterclass.
Influence Masterclass Part I
How do you use language? Do you know how much more effective you could be? This class looks at using metaphors and reframing to help yourself and others. A must for managers and sales people.

Influence Masterclass Part II
How to use presuppositions and embedded commands to facilitate change and create action. (Really good for managing actual teenagers - or people who have not grown up yet!) Another class that is essential for managers and salespeople.
Linda will happily schedule one or more of these classes for groups of six or more participants.
Her training room can hold 10 people comfortably, but she is happy to deliver the classes at your venue.

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