Change your thoughts...
Change your thoughts...
Change your life!

Are your needs being met within your relationship? Are your partners? Do you have great relationships with your children? With your extended family? At work?

I can help you to understand yourself and other people more fully, help you see what your needs really are, how you can get them satisfied and how to communicate at a new, deeper level.

Without happy relationships, you are not living a happy life. Let's get this sorted right away.

Often, if you are in financial difficulty, or you are not building the wealth you desire, it's because of your relationship with money. Many people have a love/hate relationship - they love to have lots of money but they can't wait to spend it and they hate running short! Sometimes, people feel bad about having money, so they have a strong unconscious desire to get rid of it. 

I help my clients develop a powerful, satisfying relationship to money.
NOTE: I am not a financial planner and do not give financial advice.

Want to give up sugar?

Or smoking?

I use a blend of NLP and Hypnosis (a proven technique for helping people to make positive changes to their lifestyle) that's particlularly effective.

Why wait for the first heart attack? Make those changes now!

Sometimes just one appointment makes all the difference.

We all feel axious sometimes. It's normal and helpful. But if your anxiety is stopping you from living a full and happy life, then it's a problem for you.

Telling yourself to 'think positive thoughts' does not help. Other people telling you is even worse. But there are things we can work on together that will free you from the trap of being over anxious.

I can help you remove fear as an over-riding aspect of your life and bring more confidence to everything you do.

What are the major stress factors in your life? How well do you handle stress? How's your blood pressure? Are you angry a lot?

Some stress is good for you, but ongoing, chronic stress will kill you faster than a bad diet and smoking combined. Having an unhappy, angry heart is not only a very unhappy way to live, it's physically very bad for you.

I can help you rise above the stressors in your life so you can live from a place of grace and happiness.