"No-one ever told you life was gonna be this way..."
Life's tough.

People you love sometimes do things that are thoughtless or downright mean.

Bad things happen - you might lose someone you love, you might have a job you hate, you might lose your job.

Maybe you have health issues.

Maybe you want things to be different in your life and believe you cannot be happy until they change.

And don't for one minute think life is fair. It's not and it never will be.

So the question is how do you operate in this environment so that you can have happiness and also so you can achieve your goals in life.
"It's like you're always stuck in second gear..."
Here's the thing about life...

If you keep thinking the same thoughts about the same things - and reacting to events that happen in the same ways - then you will keep getting the same results.

And I'm assuming that if you are on this website there are things about your life in the future that you want to change.

Welcome to Happiness Coaching. Which, by the way, is about way more than temporary happiness. You don't need a fix.

You need a way to become your own resource of strength and resilience so that no matter what life throws at you - you can rise above and still function in the future like the rock star you are inside.
What's your definition of Happiness?
Is happiness a feeling? Or a state of mind? Or is it the ability to take life's challenges in stride and bounce back from adversity with gusto?

Everything we do is designed to lift you up to a state of strength and resilience. Because things/events happen in our life - and some of it is 'good' and some of it is 'bad'.

If you can roll with the 'bad' and the 'good' and still be able to function and find joy in your life, then you are winning at life.

If you get clear on how you want your life to be - and master the skills that you need to make it so - then you can achieve whatever you want in your life.

You might know what you want from us - or you might not be sure yet. Either way you will get clarity and confidence - even from just one session.
Thank you so much for everything, I still have not had a cigarette at all. Its quite miraculous, I don't even think it has been too much of a struggle, I am amazed and ever so grateful. Just like magic you are!

Debbie - Pukekohe

Had another great sober and productive weekend. So happy. Maybe we could do a remote for my overthinking and over worrying.

Karen - Whangarei
I am three months without a single alcoholic or energy drink. Thank you so much.

Kerry - Brisbane

Best night's sleep in years!

Jeni - Whangarei

I no longer have angry outbursts at work. Thank you so much. My boss is very happy with me now.

Brandon - Whangarei
My wife and I are back in love - Thank you so much for your help. I was on the point of calling it quits before seeing you.

Graham - Sydney

I have successfully completed the swimming test for joining the police force. Without your help my fear of the water stopped me from swimming.

Glen - Auckland

My daughter no longer chews her hair. After trying everything and finding the doctor only wanted to give her pills - your simple techniques changed her habit instantly. Thank you.

Mary - Whangarei