If there is something you want to do - or stop doing - but for some reason you find yourself mindlessly keeping old patterns of behaviour - then hypnotherapy can help you.

What you are experiencing is your unconscious mind taking over driving duties from your conscious mind.

Your unconscious mind is great at doing several things -
    Storage and retrieval of memories
    Emotional response to known stimuli
    Route learning of tasks EG -
    filtering out irrelevant inputs
    keeping you safe

It performs these tasks without your conscious mind telling it to.

But when it has a different plan for keeping you safe or responding to environmental cues than you consciously want it to - then there is a problem.

Hypnotherapy is nothing less and nothing more than re-training your unconscious mind to fit in with your conscious desires.

How powerful is that!

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What is a Happiness Coach? Why would you consult one?

“A Happiness Coach is someone who helps you become happy, right here, right now and regardless of your circumstances. A good coach will also help you make the changes in your life that you know you need to make, but have struggled to make on your own," says Linda Reid.

“For example, maybe you want to give up smoking, or you can’t seem to get your spending under control, or you know you should be making those phone calls for work, but somehow you just keep putting them off.

“The biggie, of course, is personal relationships. If you’re not happy at home, you’re just not happy."

“Like any good life coach, I help you get the mindset you need to be successful - and I help you get rid of the negative beliefs and limiting decisions that are holding you back.”

Linda has a toolkit that includes hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, strategic intervention and results coaching, and her unquie blending of these techniques is particularly effective.

Nothing makes her happier than seeing her clients fall in love with their life, their partner and their career all over again.
Sometimes, to change the future, we need to change the past.

As children, we learned techniques and strategies to keep ourselves safe and to get as much of what we wanted as possible.

Maybe your strategy of hiding away and being quiet served you well as a child and kept you as safe as possible, but now in adult life it means you have an overwhelming fear of confrontation and are failing at pushing yourself forward when it would be in your best interests to do so.

Or perhaps you learned that anger made you feel powerful and chased the fear away, but now it just chases people you care about away.

By going back and learning from the past you can effectively change how to relate to your childhood circumstances (changing the past). Therefore you can change the strategies you use in the present and the future to something at works for you much better.

Language is powerful as it the method we use to programme our mind. Neuro Linguistic Programming is the method of using words to change our programming to something much more powerful and effective in helping us craft a life we love.

You can free yourself from past conditioning and have a future that you choose for yourself.
Linda Reid is an international healer and New Zealand’s leading Happiness Coach. She has helped people from all walks of life to make powerful, positive and permanent changes to the way they live their life and to the success they experience in their relationships, their work, their health and their finances.

A graduate of the Academy of Wealth and Achievement, Linda is also a Master Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Ericsonian Hypnosis. She has trained with Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes in Strategic Intervention, and is a Energy Healer using the Reconnective Frequencies. As a serial entrepreneur, Linda has owned and managed two community newspapers, a real estate business, a drug testing business and also worked in senior management for Wilson & Horton Ltd, APN, and INL.

She was on the Executive Committee of the NZ Community Newspapers Association for many years, and also represented community newspapers on the NZ Advertising Standards Authority. 

Linda’s vision is to help as many people as possible, both locally and internationally, to live a life they truly want and to have happiness in their relationships, their work, their health and their finances.

Linda is a wife, a mother and a grandmother.